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Fequency Asked Questions

Do we need a fishing license?

        No. currently , a recreational fishing license is not required.


Can we fish for a specific species?

        Yes, we can target any species you wish, but success is often dependent on the time of year, location and sea conditions.


Will other people be on the boat?

         All charters are private. Just your captain and mate will be onboard.


Is it possible to arrange a split charter?

        Yes, if it is agreeable to both parties in advance. If you are interested in this option, please let us know the specific dates you will be on island and when you will be available to fish.


How many people can come on trips?

      We can take a maximum of six, however we may limit the trip to four depending on winds and sea conditions. As a general rule, we can accommodate a maximum of 1000 pounds not including Captain and mate.


Is it possible to extend the length of our charter while on the water?

       Absolutely, as long as we have not booked an afternoon charter that will conflict in times.

       Sometimes we book two four hour charters in a day. If you book a 6 or 8 hour charter, we will not schedule any other charters that same day.


What type of fish can we expect to catch?

Below is a general rule for various local species..

  • Mahi Mahi - all year, peak fishing October to April
  • Wahoo - September through April, peak through September to January
  • Kingfish & Mackerel - All year
  • Blackfin Tuna - All year
  • Blue and White Marlin - All year, peak May to September
  • Sailfish - All year , peak October to March
  • Yellowfin Tuna - Peak October to February
  • Tarpon - All year , peak March to September
  • Jacks - All year
  • Snapper - All year, peak November to April
  • Barracuda - All year

Can we keep our catch?

      Yes, we will clean and fillet enough fish to satisfy your requirements for your stay on island.


Will there be a mate onboard?

       Yes, we always provide a mate to assist the Captain with baiting rigs, checking lines, gaffing that big one, docking the boat and for your general entertainment and safety. The mate works hard and a gratuity in the range of 15 - 25% of your trip is customary and appreciated.


Do you have an age requirement?

        We do not have a specific age requirement, however as a general rule we suggest kids be eight or older for offshore trips and five or older for inshore trips If you plan to bring younger children please let us know in advance if possible.


How far do we run offshore?

      Due to close proximity of a shelf around the island, we can find a large migratory species like Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo minutes from where we dock. However, depending on the time of year and sea conditions, we may run 30 minutes or so prior to fishing. If you wish to fish the outer banks offshore, please plan a 6 or 8 hour charter.



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