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All of our trips are private charters so the boat is yours

 with Captain and First Mate for the time of your charter.

Offshore / Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Offshore/Deep Sea trips can start minutes from Christiansted harbor due to the unique drop off that runs in close proximity all around the island. This allows less experienced anglers the opportunity to experience offshore fishing without having to run an hour or more offshore. However, there are some "hot spots" around the island where fishing can be exceptional, but typically require a longer trip. One of these areas is Lang Bank, this bank runs in a horseshoe format from three to ten miles from the east tip of St Croix. Lang Bank provides some steep drops where currents are swift causing an upwelling of small bait fish to the surface attracting larger pelagic fish like Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish. Fishing this bank from start to finish, we suggest booking at least a 6 hour charter.

We typically troll rigged ballyhoo and artificial lures. Depending on the time of year and targeted species, we sometime catch live bait prior to these trips also.

Inshore Trips

Inshore trips are typically in calmer waters around the northeast end of the island near reefs and structure. Along with fishing, you can also experience the beauty of the coastline and the island from an on the water perspective. We utilize live bait, trolling and casting techniques to target fish like Tarpon, Snapper, Mackerel, Jacks and Barracuda. No experience necessary - Captain and his first mate will take the time to provide all the instruction you need from baiting your hook to pulling in the big one. We will guide you every step of the way. Depending on where we catch your fish and the species, many make great table fair and some we have to release.

Combination of Inshore & Offshore Fishing Trips

These trips let you experience a combination of live bait, light tackle fishing with some trolling and the possibility of landing a 25 pound Mahi Mahi. We can offer these trips due to the close proximity of deep water fishing around the island. These trips offer more flexibility with the possibility of catching a wide variety of fish. The trips are great for teens and young families who want to experience a variety of fishing techniques.

Deep Dropping

Deep dropping trips are generally just few minutes out from the marina where the shelf goes from 100 feet to 1000 feet very quickly. We target red silk snapper ( very good eating) but you never know what you might bring up from 600 feet down! Fishing is done on one electric reel on a rod and anglers take turns.

Multiple hook rigs are dropped between 400 to 800 feet on a weight; the angler waits for a bite ( typically just takes a couple minutes) and then reeled up with an electric reel, although you have a manual reeling option if you feel strong ! When your fish are in your Captain will prepare them for you to eat! Deep dropping can be added to part of your offshore trip ( weather permitting) Just let your Captain know in advance.

Our inshore, deep dropping and combination trips are the perfect way to introduce your kids to fishing and experience the excitement of catching a wide variety of Caribbean fish. We understand the importance of creating an environment for family bonding and creating lasting memories for the entire family. The experience begins with instruction, encouragement and nourishing the excitement from landing your child's first fish. We almost always catch our own live bait, which is an experience in itself for the kids watching them try to scoop their own live bait from the live well. We teach them the fundamentals of baiting their own hook and casting out he bait.  And the best part...feeling the tug and the bend in the rod.

For younger ones consider our 4 hour inshore trip. For more experience youngsters or teens, consider our 6 hour trip where we also often introduce them to the likes of an offshore trip closer to shore where we often catch Mackerel, Kingfish, Jacks, and Barracuda.

On many of our trips we encounter a variety of wildlife from whales and porpoise offshore and many turtles inshore.